Strategic Objectives 

  1. To inculcate the culture of passion for quality academic results
  2. To diversify the existing curriculum for Artisan, Craft and Diploma courses that are in line with the national and international market demands.
  3. To develop and encourage a culture of research, creativity and innovation among trainees and staff
  4. To upgrade the existing infrastructure and set up new ones to meet the changing needs and standards of a Technical College.
  5. To equip workshops, classrooms, laboratories and offices with adequate, modern and relevant machines, tools and equipment.
  6. To raise enrollment to at least seven hundred (700) trainees by 2021.
  7. To strengthen the financial capacity of the college.
  8. To strengthen good governance structures and effective management of the college.
  9. To identify, formalize and strengthen linkages with strategic partners.
  10. To mainstream National values and National cohesion in the Institutional operations.
  11. To domesticate the Institutional Environmental Policy in compliance with the Environmental Management and Coordination Act(EMCA).


The strategic objectives of the Institute have been derived from the national goals for technical education and they reflect the changes proposed by TVET reforms package and the Kenya Vision 2030- a Government blue print for economic development.  In this regard, the Institute exists.