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03/DBM/I/2017Diploma in Business Management(apply)IJAN / SEPTKCSE C-3 TermsNOV/JULYKNEC
03/DBM/II/2017Diploma in Business Management II(Apply)II JAN / MAYPass Mod.I2 TermsJULY/NOVKNEC
03/DHRM/I/2017Diploma in Human Resource Management(Apply)IJAN/SEPKCSE C-3 TermsJULY/NOVKNEC
03/DHRM/II/2017Diploma in Human Resource Management (apply)IIJAN / MAYPass in Mod 12 TermsNOV/ JULYKNEC
03/DSM/I/2017Diploma in Sales & Marketing (apply)IJAN / SEPKCSE C-3 TermsNOV/ JULYKNEC
03/DSM/III/2017Diploma in Sales & Marketing (apply)IIIJAN / MAYPass in Mod. II2 TermsJULY/ NOVKNEC
03/DSCM/I/2017Diploma in Supplies and Chain Management(apply)IJAN /SEPKCSE C-3 TermsNOV/ JULYKNEC
03/DSCM/III/2017Diploma in Supplies & Chain Management (apply)IIIJAN / MAYPass Mod. II2 TermsJULY/ NOVKNEC
03/DSWCD/I/2017Diploma in Social Work and Community Development(apply)IJAN / SEPKCSE C-3 TermsNOV/ JULY KNEC
03/DSWCD/III/2017Diploma in Social Work & Community Dev. (apply)IIIJAN / MAYPass Mod. II2 TermsJULY/ NOV KNEC
03/CSWCD/I/2017Craft In Social Work & Community Development (apply)IJAN / SEPKCSE D3 TermsNOV /JULYKNEC
03/CSWCD/II/2017Craft In Social Work & Community Dev.(apply)IIJAN / MAYPass Mod. I 2 TermsJULY/NOVKNEC
03/CSCM/I/2017Craft in Supplies and Chain Management(Apply)IJAN / SEPKCSE D3 TermsNOV/ JULYKNEC
03/CSCM/II/2017Craft in Supplies & Chain Management (apply)IIJAN / MAYPass Mod. I2 TermsJULY/ NOVKNEC
03/CHRM/I/2017Craft in Human Resource Management (apply)IJAN / SEPKCSE D3 TermsNOV/JULYKNEC
03/CHRM/II/2017Craft in Human Resource Management (apply)IIJAN / MAYPass Mod. I2 TermsJULY /NOVKNEC
03/CBM/I/2017Craft in Business Management (apply)IJAN / SEPKCSE-D3 TermsNOV/JULYKNEC
03/CBM/II/2017Craft in Business Management (apply)IIJAN / MAYPass Mod. I2 TermsJULY/NOVKNEC
03/ATD/2017Diploma in Accounting Technician(apply)Level IJAN / MAYKCSE C -2 TermsMAY/DECKASNEB
03/CPA/2017Certified Public Accountant (apply)Level IJAN / MAYKCSE C+2 TermsMAY/DECKASNEB
03/CCM/2017Certified Credit Management (apply)Level IJAN / MAYKCSE C+2 TermsMAY/DECKASNEB
03/CLIS/2017Craft in Library and Information Studies (apply)IJAN /SEPKCSE- D3 TermsNOV/JULYKNEC
03/DLIS/2017Craft Library and Information Studies (apply)IIJAN / MAYPass Mod. I2 TermsJULY/NOVKNEC