Course Structures

The Institute is currently offering training programmes at various levels as tabulated below:

Artisan Level 1 – 2 years K.C.P.E and above January Std. 8 School-leavers
Craft Level

Module 1

Module 2

5 terms

3 terms

2 terms


K.C.S.E and above January/September


Form IV School-Leavers and Artisan Level Graduate
Diploma Level 3 years, yearly Module K.C.S.E and above  and pass at Craft Level January/September


Form IV and Craft Level graduates
Short Term 3 – 6 Months Various Continuous Persons interested in specific Skills improvement
Competence based training As appropriate As appropriate As appropriate Persons seeking tailor-made Skill improvement


All the programmes at the Institute will be mainly externally examined however, some short courses like Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, Packages etc moderated. Some of the examining bodies include:

  • National Industrial Training Authority
  • The Kenya National Examination Council
  • The Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board
  • The Directorate of Industrial Training
  • International Examining bodies like City and Guilds IMIS, ACCA, NITA etc are examined internally.

The Institute aims at aligning its programs to Vision 2030 and making them as practical and current as possible in terms of theory and skill relevance with a view to providing solutions at the social, economic and technological levels.  Specific emphasis will be placed on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship to confront the ever increasing changes at the said levels.